Life’s too Short to Be Someone You’re Not, So Be Yourself!

Being somebody you are not can be very time-consuming, instead of dong it just be yourself. Even if that sounds pretty easy, in this social-media driven world, it is quite tempting to change who you are, in order to fit in the newest trend.

A lot of people think that they are afraid of missing out, when instead they are afraid of not fitting in.

No matter who you are, or how good you act, people are still going to judge you and your actions. So, what’s the point in bothering to be someone you’re not, and acting to be a different person. This hyper- connected world is leaving everything that has been put out to be judged by other people on the internet.

All of the cruel comments on the internet might get you thinking that there is something wrong with you, and you need a change. Your amazing outfit might get no Facebook or Instagram likes, or your tweet might get zero retweets, so there is something that you will have to change about the way you think and the way you look.

Your self-uncertainty will surpass your thoughts in the event that you let it. You’ll imagine that your cute garments are simply garbage and need to change with the most recent patterns. Or on the other hand possibly you ought to have utilized more or various channels on the image. Your head will top off with such huge numbers of ‘maybes’ that will cause you to lose whoever you are and attempt your best just to dazzle somebody on the web. 

In any case, individuals that follow the most recent ‘patterns’ are not acting naturally however rather, they tail others to mention to them what ought to be worn. An investigation was made on the ‘influencers’ and their impact on the general population by specialists at Inderscience Publishers and found that ‘the vast majority structure an assessment about a given subject when they are presented to the perspectives on sentiment pioneers’.

These supposition heads, in any case, are following the patterns that occur in broad communications which implies that the influencers have their influencers which they follow. 

Despite the fact that a few Tweets on the web got 10K retweets, 50K Tweets saying something very similar didn’t get even one retweet. An Instagram photograph of a bit of cake may have gotten 150K preferences, in any case, there are a large number of pictures with better sweets that don’t have in excess of 10 preferences. For each splendid post on Facebook that individuals have seen and loved, there are likely billions of conventional thoughts and posts that are rarely shared. 

You shouldn’t display what your identity is and what you think around what internet based life professes to be the ‘right’ approach to think. In case you’re attempting to be the ideal individual that web based life asserts that everybody ought to be, at that point you’re only a bot observing a standard that nobody can practically follow totally. 

In any case, it’s not the deficiency of online life for the longing of fitting in. Individuals have acted that way quite a while before the main tweet or status was ever posted. Indeed, even Neanderthals have attempted to base their character around whoever was the coolest individual at that point and follow whatever they were doing. Mankind consistently had individuals that were pioneers and individuals that followed these pioneers. 

If I somehow managed to instruct you to be the pioneer and not the adherent, I would invalidate the point of this article. Me guiding you will cause you to follow my lead, so all things being equal, I will instruct you to be whoever you need to be. In case you’re ready for following the Kardashian trends, do it. Follow whatever pattern and impact that you need. 

Try not to follow the majority since they go there, however choose without anyone else what you need to follow and settle on your own choices throughout everyday life. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to be the influencer as opposed to following different impacts, do it. Make your garments style, set your precedents that individuals will follow. Regardless of whether nobody else is following, act naturally. Be whoever you need to be as opposed to hearing others and being the individual that they need you to be.

However, make sure that you’re doing it for the right reason. Don follow some ‘you do you’ trends that you find on the internet, only to impress other people, just be yourself for you.

Life is too short to be the person you aren’t, make sure you are yourself. Actors are those people who pretend for a living, but remember they do get paid for acting. Are you getting paid for acting like the person you are not?


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