Rich American Businessman Poses With Dead Baby Elephants He Proudly Killed In Africa

A TopGen Energy partner, Mike Jines, and a very wealthy businessman from Georgia gets a huge backlash of posting a picture with two dead baby elephants which he killed during his hunting trip in Africa. This trip was back in 2018 October together with the professional hunter Max Delezenne.

These two hunters are seen with big smiles on a picture, holding guns on their shoulders, and being proud for killing these animals. The animals are dead on the picture lying on the ground, with blood coming out of the bullet holes.

These horrific photos went viral after being uploaded on Facebook by Darrell Eisman. This affected Jines’ business as he told CBS 46. Additionally, he mentions that the animals were killed in a designated safari area in compliance with US and Zimbabwe hunting law:

The two elephants that are shown in the photos were shot in self-defense, in an unprovoked charge and both elephants were fully mature cows, not juveniles. While I can appreciate that hunting can be polarizing and that views on hunting can vary materially, I am sure that you can appreciate what it is like to deal with the vitriol particularly when the underlying information, in this case, is inaccurate.

Even though Jines claims that the killing was in self-defense, his online hunting profile reads: 

Mike has hunted extensively across Africa and has shot multiple species of each of the Big Seven with the exception of rhino. His hunting passion is hunting elephant on a classic tracking hunt with a double rifle.

Additionally, Jines gave the following account before the photos were spread out on the internet:

The hunt started with a bang, literally. Less than thirty minutes into the first morning of the first day we experienced a double-elephant cow charge.

This was obviously a first for me but it turns out it was a first for Buzz as well. We saw a group of cows from the road and decided to follow them to see if a tuskless was in the group. We caught them quickly and identified a tuskless.

We situated ourselves to get a decent gander at the tuskless and presumed that since it was only Day 1 we would pass. A moment later she arrived in a full scale charge. Buzz and I both discharged two shots each and she went down. Then from behind, a big one-tusked cow charged at us at very high speed. We fired 1 shot each, and she slammed the ground, with her back legs behind her.


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