Fireflies Population Decreasing – We’re Responsible

The tiny lights in the night you see sometime, are the Fireflies, but scientists are warning that their ‘magic’ is endangered and that future generations might never even have the opportunity to run in the yard, and chase these magical insects.

The main reason for their number to decrease is the population, and the fireflies need special circumstances to fulfill their life cycle, claim scientists at the Tufts University, which conducted the study

For example, one species of fireflies in Malaysia, known for their synced glowing, need mangrove forests for their reproduction, but on those areas now there are palm plantations.

Scientists were surprised when they found out that the light coming from street lights is also harmful for the fireflies. The light coming from the billboards, street lights and homes, is not in their favor.

One of the co-authors of the study, Avalon Owens, said:

Not only that these lights are ruining their natural bio-rhythm, it also affects their mating rituals.

More fireflies are depending on bioluminiscence – a chemical reaction on their body, which allows them to attract a partner with their light, and this process is mostly interrupted by our lights.

A biology professor, Dave Goulson from the University of Sussex, added that the pesticides are also a reason why we see less fireflies now days. Scientists discovered that, in the insect world there is a ‘silent apocalypse’ going on, because more than 41% of them are almost extinct.

In Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan are attracting tourists at the exits where these fireflies can be spotted. Big tourist groups visiting these places are causing trees to collide, and erosion of riverbeds, which additionally destroys the natural homes of these magical creatures.


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