Eating 5 Apricot Seeds – Offers Huge Health Benefits

Latest studies show that apricot seeds are the perfect nutritional and immune supplement, which is also a good cancer preventing agent.

Apricot seeds are a rich source of vitamin B17, which is killing cancer cells, and is preventing metastasis. The process is very simple: the cancer cells require a huge amount of energy – glucose, but this vitamin is deadly for them, but not toxic for our health.

eating 5 apricot seeds offers huge health benefits1 1 Eating 5 Apricot Seeds – Offers Huge Health Benefits

Only 5 apricot seeds a day can prevent cancer. The process of how the Vitamin B17 acts against the cancer cells is like the Trojan horse: the cells are becoming greedy for glucose, and when they absorb it, cancer cells die. Apricot seeds are the perfect choice if you want to supply your body with iron, potassium and phosphorus, and additionally they strengthen our immune system.

Latest studies show that consuming only 5 apricot seeds in a day, additionally is preventing cancer, and also improves the strength of our immune system.

The FDA doesn’t approve of amygdalin (or laetrile, or vitamin B-17) as a form of cancer treatment. It has reversed a previous decision that allowed for “the importation of laetrile for the treatment of terminally ill cancer patients through a physician’s affidavit system.”


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